The Naples High School office has decided that they would halt announcements of drop-offs recently.

“We want to try and make sure we have the least amount of interruptions as possible in the learning environment for teachers and students,” Assistant Principal Stanley Bryant said.

The decision was made following a long debate on how to limit distractions in the learning environment. This topic has been debated since the beginning of the year, but the decision was finalized and implemented three weeks ago.

“It confuses me why they would stop since there are many other distractions in classes,” freshman Gala Gibson said. “I don’t really find it distracting when they call, and I think the announcements are more important rather than a distraction.”

Students’ opinions on the matter seem to be mixed since some believe the calls are a distraction, and other’s think it’s more important to have drop-offs announced.

The office will continue to not announce drop-offs as part of their plan to limit classroom distractions.