The holidays are a time for decorations, and the library has decided to join in on the festivities. The media center’s staff has continued the annual tradition of putting up decorations for all to enjoy.

The media staff started decorating right after Thanksgiving. Media specialists Julie Hayford  Rebecca Endrelunas, along with a few students pitched in to help with the task. Ever since Hayford came to the school she has put up decorations. 

“They’re creative and fun,” junior Faith Tronnier stated. “Mrs. Julie tried really hard to brighten up the library.”

They have adorned the inside of the library with a Lego Christmas tree and a book Menorah. The group is also planning on decorating the outside display cases with ornaments and ribbons. 

“I try to make a variety because the kids are here for four years,” Hayford said. “I don’t want them to see the same thing every year.”

The staff try to represent all of the December holidays in the library’s design. They’ve put up decorations that encompass some of them, and also have books out on display that explain the holidays’ origins.

“We’re going to be featuring comparative religions,” Endrelunas stated. “If anybody has an interest in some of those holidays they can look through and see what the other holidays are all about.”

One thing that inspires the librarians to decorate is the students. Not everyone has a chance to do it at home. This brings the holiday spirit to the school, a place where everyone on campus can see it.

“I do it because I think that the students enjoy it,” Endrelunas said. “They like to see things different.”