Naples High School Interact Club members volunteered in this year’s Children’s Gift of Giving event on Dec. 6 at the local Walmart where they were partnered up with an underprivileged families and helped them shop for Christmas gifts.

“It’s a great opportunity because you get to help those who may not be as fortunate as you,” senior Andrew Folly said. “In a way you’re helping bring Christmas to them.”

Children’s Gift of Giving is a way to give back to the community by helping those who may be suffering from poverty and unable to buy gifts for Christmas. The purpose of this event is to help families who may not be as fortunate as well as making sure foster kids get a well-deserved Christmas.

“Each child got $125 to spend and they could spend $25 on themselves,” Rotary Club representative Stewart Macflarlen said.“ It’s paid for by private companies most of the time it’s the Germane auto group.”

Bikes, clothes, play sets and dolls were the main focus of the crowd. Specific registers were set up so that the families would pay at a tax free cost.

After they finished up their shopping, gift wrap stations were set up so the families could wrap the presents to their content.

Each family was given the chance to bring Christmas to their home without having to worry about the expense.

“The most satisfying part is seeing the kids shopping for presents that may not be for them,” Folly said. “Most of the time they go shopping to buy a present for their loved ones, which is really heartwarming to watch.”