The Third Street Farmer’s market happens every Saturday morning from 7:30am to 11:30am. Many year round residents visit the market. The farmer’s market is a place to interact with new people from around the United States, especially this time of year with all the snowbirds coming down for vacation.

“I try to go every week but don’t always make it depending on what’s going on,” Gregory Morrow stated. “I get the fresh produce and look around for other trinkets they might have because sometimes I find something to get for family members.”

Families also go to the farmer’s market together as a way to spend time together and start off their Saturdays.

“I go with my family pretty often and my nieces and nephews love to taste test all the different foods,” Marc Halcrow stated. “For me, going to the farmer’s market is worth it because it is right near my house and gives me a chance to go out and walk on Saturday mornings with my family.”

If you like to sleep in, the farmer’s market may not be an option for you. The market closes at 11:30 but most venders start to close up shop early.

“I will usually buy the empanadas to have for lunch on Saturdays,” Mackenzie Young stated. “I go to the farmer’s market when I wake up, but if I sleep in past 10:30am I won’t go because the market closes at 11:30am and by the time I get there the empanadas will already be gone.”

Small business owners wake up bright and early to set up all their products.

“I get up at around five in the morning on Saturdays to get all of my supplies together and to have time to set up my stand for the market,” Jeff Stewart stated. “I sell kumquats, they are similar to mandarin oranges and I also sell kumquat jam and kumquat pies.”

The Third Street Farmer’s Market is a great way to get your Saturday with or without your family. Rather than going to the grocery store you can get fresh produce locally grown or find handcrafted trinkets for family members.