Business Ownership classes presented MVP Pitch presentations Dec. 5, which is an important checkpoint during the yearlong process. Students had to demonstrate how well they were able to present their entrepreneurship skills to three judges.

Each team’s goal is to make it to the national competition in Chicago for $1,750 in prize money to fund their products, only the top three teams will be selected for the prize.

Students were put into groups to present and pitch their products to the judges for funds. The demos presented were not theoretical businesses, but real startups.

“It took a couple weeks to come up with our product and we have been working on our presentation for about a month,” Sam Almodovar stated.

Although only a select few individuals will be selected for finals, many of the students worked hard on their demo presentation.

“I think my product will be pretty effective but I don’t think it will make a huge impact”, Benji Howard said.

The teams worked together to come up with products that will be beneficial to society.