Lauren Dyer chosen to advance to county Shakespeare competition


This year’s annual Shakespeare competition was held on Wednesday, Jan. 16, in the Naples High School auditorium. The three participants performed monologues from scenes of Shakespeare hoping to advance to the national competition in New York City.

Students Joey Hall, Paige Conti, and Lauren Dyer stood on stage in an attempt to prove to four judges that they had what it takes to make the Collier County competition.

“I hope to do well on this performance, advancing to the next competition would be a really good opportunity,” sophomore Paige Conti said.

One of the four judges, English teacher Mr. Laderer, expressed the possible benefits of advancing to the next level of poetry contest.

“The winner of this school-wide competition will then move on to the Collier County competition, which will be held at Moorings Presbyterian Church,” Laderer stated. “The winner of the statewide performance will then create their own sonnet and make their way to the New York City competition.”

Although there may have only been three participants, many students still admired the event from afar.

“I thought the Shakespeare competition was interesting to watch,” sophomore Chris Axline said. ”I couldn’t imagine the pressure of being on stage.”

The results were broadcasted on Friday, Jan. 18. The judges announced that sophomore Lauren Dyer would be partaking in the Collier County event.