It’s that time of year again! Besides cramming knowledge for midterms and decorating Christmas cookies in the last few weeks of 2018, students are beginning to think of some New Year resolutions.

Several students are excited to make some changes in 2019.

“I’m really looking to spice things up with new changes in 2019,” sophomore Lily Poorman said. “I’m ready to say no to haters.”

Other students are determined to have a strong comeback and improve academically for the next semester and new year.

“I want to be able to find more time to prep for the SAT in 2019,” junior Kaelen Wood said.

Some NHS students excel in athletics, and have goals regarding their sport.

“I’d like to improve my tumbling,” junior and varsity cheer captain Taylor Bennett said.

A sophomore football player shares similar interests.

“I’d like to work up to being a starting quarterback on varsity in 2019,” sophomore Slade Dollar said.

A majority of the students interviewed are looking to 2019 with positive thoughts and hopes.