With Valentine’s Day coming up shortly, couples are starting to think about their romantic plans for the evening.

Naples High is full of lovely couples who have some fun plans that will surely spice up their typical Thursday night this upcoming Feb. 14.

“I’m going to eat a fancy dinner,” junior Ashley Hendrix said.

Going out for a fancy dinner means getting all dressed up for that special someone. So ladies get out those fancy dresses.

“I’m going out for the night at a nice dinner,” junior Jacqui Lawler said.

Most people seems to think the norm for Valentine’s Day is to just go out with a significant other. However, Valentine’s Day means getting that special someone a gift to spread love.

“I’m going to exchange gifts with my girlfriend and possibly go to dinner,” junior Colby Stabile said.

Most seem to be going out to a nice dinner and hanging out for the evening. Single? Go out with some friends and have fun!