Naples High School art classes (drawing and painting, photography, and ceramics) are taking part in a creative piece that will be displayed on campus. The project began on the first week of school and will be completed in about two weeks according to Naples High School art teachers. They also report that this is the first collaborative art project the art departments have taken part in.

The project was inspired by Dale Chihuly, an artist specializing in large scale glass blowing. Rather than using glass, students painted and cut recycled plastic bottles that were brought in at the end of the 2018-19 school year.

The colorful plastic bottles resemble Chihuly’s classic style of windy and curvy glass structures and scream Eagle pride with colors of blue, gold and white.  

The idea was presented during a teacher in-service at the Naples Artists where they shared collaborative projects done in other high schools. NHS art teachers were motivated to bring students together and promote the art programs at school.

Prior to starting the project, art teachers showed classes a video explaining Dale Chihuly’s style and techniques to give background on the assignment.

“I think that many of the students weren’t familiar with the glass blowing technique beforehand,” photography teacher Ms. Rosset said. “I think seeing the videos and working on the project was an educational and unexpected experience.”

Photography and ceramic students moved into the drawing and painting classroom to begin working together and painting the insides of plastic water bottles with the school colors; blue, gold, and white.

“Having all three art classes working on the projects brings unity to the different programs we have,” ceramics teacher Mrs. Biagi said. “We’ve been talking with Mr. Burkett about displaying the piece in the main office.”

The art teachers also plan to display other, smaller pieces like this around campus.

“It’s cool to be apart of something so unique at our school,” junior Mya Butterworth said. “I think it will bring the art departments together and motivate others to join an art class.”