As many seniors are on their way to graduate, the question on what comes next is crucial in these students’ lives. For those students who aren’t looking to attend college and are somewhat undecided on their future, a source of advice is coming to Naples High School each month.

Each month, Naples High School will be inviting a guest speaker to talk to the many seniors who are undecided on their future. This speaker will help students gain insight on how to get entry-level jobs and training.

“The speakers are coming from local businesses,” stated teacher J.B. Glancy. “They are looking to recruit new workers out of high school.”

This opportunity was brought to Naples High by teacher, J.B. Glancy. He brought this program to the school in order to hopefully let students understand how to achieve a successful life after high school.

“In the future, the hope is that these speakers can bring in actual applications or gain certain interest in students,” stated teacher J.B Glancy. “These students may gain the opportunity to enter the workforce right after high school.”

If you are not planning on college, or are just undecided, these meetings will hopefully be a help. There will be a meeting once a month in the auditorium. The next meeting is scheduled for Nov. 25.