Everybody loves Halloween, whether it’s the candy, costumes or the fear factor, Halloween has something for everyone.

Seeing so many different forms of creativity and expression is perhaps the best part of Halloween. It draws people together despite how different they are in real life. Being able to disguise yourself and be whatever you want is what makes Halloween so great.

I find that as I get older, other holidays lose that special spark they once had.

Of course, it will always be exciting to wake up on Christmas morning to presents under a tree, but it was much more exciting thinking Santa Claus was the one who put them there. However, Halloween seems to be completely unique, a holiday that will never lose its spark.

“My favorite part about Halloween is that it’s unlike any other holiday,” freshman Havanah Layton said. “You don’t receive gifts like other holidays and you get to see people you normally wouldn’t.”

It could be the change from our everyday lives that makes celebrating Halloween so fun. Maybe it’s getting free candy from neighbors, or seeing school mates dressed up.

It’s impossible to think of any other day where people of all ages can dress up, stay up late and enjoy the night. There aren’t fancy Halloween dinners, lavish gifts or day-long celebrations.

Halloween is one night to enjoy friends, family and fun.

“It’s a day that I don’t have to worry about anything else,” freshman Sabyne Brisson said. “I get to hang out with my friends and not have to think about school.”

Halloween allows for a night off in a sense. While everyone celebrates differently, Halloween is always something to look forward to.

For high schoolers, it’s nice to forget about homework and tests, and party with friends instead.

For adults, there is always joy in dressing up and handing out candy rather than spending the night preparing for the next day as usual.

Maybe some people like Halloween so much because it allows them to be their full selves.

“Halloween is a way to express your personality through a costume,” senior Emma Olson said. “It’s fun to see what everybody else wears.”

There is a familiar feeling of being young, enjoying trick-or-treating with your parents and friends, and eventually thinking that there would soon come a time where you would be considered too old to dress up and ask for candy.

The truth is, I know very few high school students who don’t dress up.

So what makes Halloween memorable in so many people’s lives?

You can never be too old to enjoy it. It’s the effortless holiday that brings out the little kid in all of us. It’s the night that takes participants away from reality, and allows people to do what they love most, have fun.