Every day is different for students and some days are better than others. There are successes and failures, and sometimes the failures receive the best reactions from students.

Falling while cheering

Senior Elle Bancroft was injured while cheering at a basketball game. 

“I was knocked to the ground in front of everyone at the game, and my flyer and I got hurt,” Bancroft said. 

Going to work the day you’re off

For other people, such as senior Emma Young, work was an issue. 

“It was my day off and I went to work! I was already so tired from the school day and all I wanted to do was nap,” Young said. “When I walked into my store they told me it was my day off, but they said it was super busy and needed help.”

However, Young learned something from this experience. 

“I could have prevented it by checking my schedule better and leaving reminders in my phone of when I do work,” Young said.

Tripping in class

Some students were able to make the best out of their situations. 

Izabella Fajardo tripped in front of her classmates. 

“There was a benefit to my classmates because they got a good laugh out of it,” Fajardo said.

Students have learned that it’s okay to make mistakes and that not everything is always going to go your way.

“I definitely learned that, as time went on, to not be embarrassed by these certain things because everyone messes up once in a while,” Fajardo said.