With all of the homework, sports, clubs and extracurriculars in students’ daily lives, time is needed for them to destress and unwind after the long school day. Many students have found this sense of relaxation through creative writing.

These students prefer alone time to seek a specific creative outlet, putting together words until a world is built in their minds and on paper.

Junior Alexander Rodriguez juggles several AP and AICE classes. In addition, he is a member of the NHS track team; yet he always finds his solace in the pages of his writing. 

“I’ve been writing since I was a kid,” Rodriguez said. “It’s always been my way to remove myself from reality’s stress. Being able to create a world without the problems I face is liberating.” 

While some use it to cope, others use it to prove their self-worth in something they excel at. Junior Enrique Barrientos claims that writing allows him to appreciate his talents instead of putting himself down for his weaknesses.

“Sometimes, I’m not the best at math or science, but when I write it’s like I truly found my calling,” Barrientos said. 

Others agree with Barrientos, saying that their creativity allows them to fully express themself in ways that schoolwork prohibits them from.

“School gets boring sometimes, and even when I get good grades, I still feel like I’m not truly applying myself as an individual,” said junior Zada Zammit. “Writing allows me to show who I am. Other than a student, it allows me to represent myself creatively.” 

Even with various classes that require full attention, numerous NHS students agree that sometimes the best way to unwind is to get their left brain creativity out through writing words on paper.