Naples High students are working hard as the third quarter approaches. Spring break is just around the corner, and most students are starting to put more effort into their schoolwork.

When students set goals for themselves, it makes school easier. Psychological studies have shown that being responsible and organized makes students less stressful than they already are.

“My goal this semester is to get better grades,” junior Angel Cordero said. “I’m going to do my work and do better in my classes.” 

Below average grades affect students’ GPA, and classwork is just as much of a full grade as homework. 

“Keep up with the work and don’t give up,” junior Tania Maldonado said. “My main goal is to raise my GPA.” 

Both Cordero and Maldonado are striving for similar goals this semester. 

“I think persistence and consistency are key, and you can’t let failure stop you from what you’re trying to reach,” junior Brandon Medel said.

Being persistent is being able to maintain an action regardless of the emotions running through the mind.

“In reality, not everyone has time, but you have to make time if you really have that goal and to sacrifice what you need to in order to achieve it,” Medel said. 

Consistency takes commitment and takes confidence as well. Creating an organized schedule and being accountable is part of an achievement. Hardships come within the achievement; however, it is worth getting it done.