As seniors begin to send in their college applications, many of them are starting to have questions on how they will finish their high school careers. These questions were hopefully answered on Senior Day.

Senior Day, a day dedicated to helping seniors get their unanswered questions resolved, was held throughout Oct. 15.

“At Senior Day we hope for each and everyone of the seniors to understand that our school views the transition out of high school very important,” Principal Darren Burkett said .

Seniors had the ability to choose their senior quotes and participate in an important senior photo for the yearbook. There was also a senior breakfast, and three separate workshops.

“I thought the meetings today helped me in knowing more about graduation,” senior Aidan Lemarie said. “I’m also glad I finally got to pick my senior quote.”

All seniors were recommended to attend as it offered them a chance to learn about graduation day, the requirements to graduate, a chance to buy senior rings and an overall answer to any questions regarding life after high school.