Some people can never take that perfect picture the first time. Luckily for them, at Naples High School, students have a chance to retake their picture to get it right.

Students who did not like their pictures were able to get it retaken on Tuesday, Oct. 22. From having a bad hair day to not having the right clothes, any reason is acceptable to retake pictures.

“My eyes looked like they were closed so I really wanted to retake my pictures,” junior Savanah Woeste said.

Students had to come in to get their retakes during an elective period or during lunch.

“I didn’t like my first picture so I went in after my sixth period since I don’t have a seventh period,” senior Colby Stablie said.

Some people don’t really mind how their picture turns out, but their parents are very involved and want a good picture. Some parents want their children to have the best pictures possible to send out to friends and family members.

“My mom likes to send my pictures to my grandparents so they can put my picture on display,” senior Ren Rapp said.

Although picture retakes might not seem that important, they can be very important to the people that care.