Seniors are getting ready to finalize their college choices, which means filling out admission applications, scholarship essays, financial aid information and the need to meet deadlines. 

The college preparation that takes place during senior year is filled with a lot of details and paperwork. As deadlines approach, seniors continue to add to their resumes highlighting academic success and sports because colleges are interested in well-rounded students. 

“Students should meet with their counselor one-on-one to discuss what they need to do,” head counselor of Naples High School Brooke Seward said. “They have to sign up for the SAT and ACT’s, go to Naviance and make a list of schools, and research the schools to see if you want to go to that school.” 

“FASFA applications are recommended for us seniors to do,” senior Todd Fitzek said. “I just applied to FSU and I had to write my essays.” 

“Students should keep on taking the SAT and ACT to improve their scores,” Seward said. “We want to find a good fit for students, academically and socially.” 

Almost all college applications are available online, which is the preferred method of submission. 

Students may apply on paper, but should seek additional help to get a paper application.

For the best chance, students should do everything that is on their college of choice’s application. Keep in mind, colleges look out for students whose applications surpassed others.