Freestyle Fridays at NHS gives new performers a chance in the spotlight


What many people don’t know is that there is a ton of undiscovered talent at Naples High School, and the best place to experience this talent is by checking out Freestyle Fridays.

Freestyle Fridays is a new and interactive event held every Friday outside the NHS auditorium.

“It really exciting,” sophomore Maddie Laufer said. “Everyone was standing around in a big crowd listening to the performers and it kind of felt like a concert.”

Freestyle Friday has been a success for two weeks in a row, drawing a huge crowd of students enjoying, listening and even singing along with their peers performing. The event started Nov. 9 and has been a hit.

“Performing was really nerve wracking at first,” Bianca Rojas, sophomore performer stated. “All you can do is perform your best and hope they like it.”

Many students loved the event and enjoyed experiencing something different. However, they also suggested some improvements for the event that would enhance the experience.

“My only complaint was that the microphone quality could’ve been a lot better,” sophomore Kendra Baron said. “Sometimes it was hard to hear.”

This makes sense, as there was a fairly large crowd of students attending, causing lots of noise and excitement.

“I hope they expand the area used to perform so that the performers don’t feel confined and secluded,” Bianca Rojas responded. “There really wasn’t much space.”    

Other attendees included that they thought moving the event into the school auditorium would be more beneficial for improving the event. The bigger space could help create a more comfortable space to perform, provide seating and a cooler temperature.  

“I hope that they allow more people to perform next time,” sophomore Carly Newmark said. “I really enjoyed all the performances and I wish I got to see more. I can’t wait for next Friday.”