Two Naples High School art students, Yovana Garza and Ashleigh Absolam, were chosen to have their artwork displayed at the 2018 Fall Superintendent Art Gallery Show on Nov. 14.

Both students have been interested in art from an early age and have wanted to pursue art in college.

“To win and have my art chosen is really encouraging to continue my art,” Absolam said.

Art teacher, Chelon Perez, described Garza’s artwork as high quality and technical.

Ceramics teacher, Jennifer Biagi, said that Ashleigh went above and beyond on her art assignment.

The art pieces chosen included: a watercolor painting made by Garza, and a 3D double pinch pot made by Absolam. The artwork was showcased at the event for attendees to see.

“At the event they basically tried to show us recognition and called us up and showed our art piece,” Garza said. “Then we got to take pictures with the superintendent and the board members.”