Flu season is coming around the corner and the effects are already showing.

As flu season arrives, more and more students and teachers are out sick. Apart from the feeling of being sick, missing school becomes a big issue for students striving to finish schoolwork. 

“I got the flu last year and it harshly impacted my grades,” senior Michael Dorobanti said.

Although people can be exposed to the illness, there are many ways to prevent getting sick.

“Students should come in to see their pediatrician to receive their annual flu shots to prevent getting sick,” Dr. Salvatore Anzalone said.

Dr. Anzalone is located at the YMCA Nichols Pediatric Center and cares for children aged 18 and under.

“The reason influenza vaccines are needed at least once a year is because the influenza virus changes rapidly, and new versions of the vaccines are created to prevent getting ill,” Dr. Anzalone said.

Other ways to help defend against illness is to frequently use hand sanitizer and wash hands. 

Many students leave bacteria behind and this is how the virus spreads, so being careful and being clean helps.

“I wash my hands every time I leave the restroom and wash my phone frequently as I don’t know how many germs I’ve passed to my phone,” junior Ayden Oliva said.

Even with all these precautions, students can still catch the virus and if they do, it is recommended that they stay home to prevent others from getting sick as well.