Over the years at Naples High School, the campus has changed tremendously. The school’s design has improved by adding and updating buildings and by allowing more space for students to feel comfortable. 

Sociology teacher Deborah Cantor has taught at Naples High for 11 years and attended NHS as a student in 1983.

“Between the time I was a student and a teacher, there were a lot of renovations that had been done,” Cantor said. “For instance, back when I went here, all the classrooms were one story buildings. They didn’t have the picnic tables or the Oasis snack bar; they only had the cafeteria that was located where building six is right now. The lunch times weren’t at the same time either. They had A, B and C lunch times.” 

There have been many different installments over the course of many years, ranging from adding a floor to three of the buildings to upgrading sports facilities such as the weight and locker rooms. This allows the school to expand and to have the ability for more students to enroll and also ensures that students can have the best facilities to their disposal.

“The weight room has improved since I went here in 2001,” Digital Art teacher Daniella Rosset said. “When I was a senior, it was pretty much non-existent. It was like a storage closet that had old stuff in it; now the weight room has had a really big upgrade, which is great for all sports and is beneficial to anyone who uses it.”

Naples High also used to have classroom portables. The portables used to be located by building 3 and in the student parking lot, which made less available spots for students to park.

“One big thing that is different would be the gym,” history teacher Jason Gore, who graduated in 2002, said. “The green space that we have today was where our gym was; where the fountain is that was where the entrance to the gym was. I think it was a great advancement to add the green space, because I think it gets good use out of it.”

There have been many improvements done to Naples High School’s campus to make it a better environment for its students.