High school clubs have always been a way for students to join together for a common interest or idea. One of Naples High School’s newest clubs, the Plant-Based Club was started in early February by juniors Norah Winogrodzki and Alisha Williams.

Naples High School’s Plant-Based Club values educating students about healthier, plant-based lifestyles and emphasizes having fun while learning more about sustainability, mental and physical health. Every Monday at lunch in room 8-103, the Plant-Based Club members join to share snacks and a common passion.

“You don’t have to be vegan or vegetarian to join,” junior and club member Stephanie Bird said. “As long as you are trying to change your diet or interested in learning about the lifestyle, you are more than welcome to come.” 

The Plant-Based Club aims to promote healthier lifestyles among students and advocate the many benefits of living a healthier, more sustainable and plant-based life.

“Veganism truly has the potential to change lives and to change the world,” Winogrodzki said. “It is super important in this day and age to spread awareness about the impact of our food.”

As a new club on campus, the group has many aspirations. The Plant-Based Club intends to expand their group and has big plans for the future, including community involvement and outreach, all while maintaining their fun vibe. Additionally, the Plant-Based Club hopes to impose more plant-based options in school and focus on how healthy living and eating can impact students’ mental health. 

“We aren’t solely about physical well-being; we want to advocate for collective mental well-being and for the well-being of animals,” Williams said. “As a club, I hope that in the future we become activators of our community.” 

If you are interested in learning more about a plant-based lifestyle, want to promote it around the community or want to join Naples High School’s Plant-Based Club, contact the club leaders via Instagram @nhsplantbased.