There has been a lot of controversy over Florida reopening on May 1, since Collier County Public Schools chose to remain closed for the rest of the school year due to the coronavirus pandemic. Schools are saying that students’ health and safety was a big factor in closing schools for the rest of the year; however, the state is opening back up again.

“I believe the state reopened too fast, and people are pushing for businesses to open again, and the governor agreed with them, even though cases are still rising,” junior Andrew LaBreche said. “It makes no sense to start opening businesses that are not essential.”

Many students believe the state opened back up too quickly, especially when considering schools may still be online in the fall if the case numbers are too high.

“Too many students are hanging out with their friends in large quantities after the state reopened for in-person classes in the fall to become a reality again,” sophomore Mia Powers said.

There aren’t adequate plans for testing all those who may be at risk, even if they demonstrate symptoms of COVID-19. Further, even for those who can get tested, there are no provisions in Florida for further tracking and tracing those who have tested positive and who may unknowingly affect countless others. Those who are working with other people are at risk of spreading it to customers and family members.

“I feel that students who are employed right now are at risk of getting the virus and spreading it to others,” Powers said.

Students may feel they are young, healthy and relatively at low-risk for infection, but interactions with friends and extended family might get others close to them sick. Many feel as though it doesn’t matter if they get sick themselves.

“I personally feel safe when I go out in public because I wear a mask, but I know some people do not and that can be a health risk,” junior Phadley Petigny said. 

Until students realize that they are not invincible and immune to the virus, the cases will continue to rise, possibly meaning online learning in the fall.