Many student-athletes have been unable to go to gyms and have had to train without their coaches due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

It has been hard for them to continue working out; however, many have found ways to have a little exercise and motivation throughout their days of isolation. 

“Throughout my day, I typically tried to go running just to keep in shape, but there wasn’t much I could do but keep telling myself I had to do this,” junior Reyna Postadan said.

Getting out for an hour or two a day can help an athlete keep up their endurance even if they aren’t allowed to go to normal practices.

“A way that motivated me was my love for soccer and my friends,”  junior Reyna Morales said. “We would kick the ball around together and get exercise that way.”

Having friends that love the same sport as you can help you feel motivated and want to get outside, even though you may not want to. 

“I tried to get out at least once a day or do some type of activity outside,” junior Rosslynn Mayo said. “It would take me about an hour and a half, but I felt like it helped me stay active even if it wasn’t long.”

Some of the gyms have opened recently in Florida and many athletes seem to be very happy about their reopening. 

“I love seeing everyone happy, getting out and wanting to come to the gym,” gym owner and trainer Leah Drummond said. “It feels so much better getting back out rather than being cooped up inside of the house.”

Many of the student-athletes did find ways to get their daily exercise in before the gyms were even open, but many athletes are thankful that there is now another option.

Some have expressed difficulties with working out at home, but many athletes are motivated to continue exercising to be in good shape for when they are allowed to practice again.