With everyone stuck at home for the past few months, people have come up with many different activities to keep them busy. From watching movies to working out, people are finding ways to have fun and get the coronavirus out of their minds.

“I have been watching Netflix and playing golf with my family,” senior Will Ermatinger said. 

There are all sorts of activities one can do with their family, and there are also plenty of activities to do alone.

Freshman Kalim Qazi said he likes to “play video games, watch movies, go for runs, drive my golf cart around and swim.”

Most activities can be done alone, but it’s also nice to do them with your family to make memories during these times of isolation.

“I play chess with Carolyn and workout with my other daughter [Jessica] and cook with the family,” science teacher Gail D’arco said. 

These types of activities create memories that can last a lifetime.

If people feel like they want to get out of the house, they could always travel or safely visit family.

“During quarantine, I have been traveling by driving,” junior Slade Dollar said. “We went to Georgia, and I’m going to Oklahoma.”

As long as someone does not get infected or infect others, people can travel to visit family. 

Quarantine should not stop people from getting active either. Even if someone does not like working out, they can still get fresh air and go outdoors to get out of the house. 

“I go to the yard every day and work on projects every couple of days,” D’arco said. 

It does not take much just to get active; doing little home projects is an easy example. 

Living through these uncertain times can be tough, but with other people’s support along the way, it becomes much more bearable. Quarantine should be about making the most out of every situation, especially with one’s family.