Finding a good place to study can improve the ability to learn, focus and help the way you perform in and out of school. Naples has a considerable amount of enjoyable places where students can go to study. 

Nectar Lab is a grand and vibrant new social and study lounge, where they have food and many unique drinks that are specially made to help you focus and study. 

“I go to Nectar Lab all the time to study since there’s nice music and it’s quiet, but so fun at the same time,” sophomore Meghan Fitzgerald said. “They have mini zen gardens at every table you can fidget with if you start to become distracted and it actually helps me.” 


Kunjani Craft Coffee & Gallery is a woman-owned and operated coffee shop. They provide free Wi-Fi and have many tables and options on where you’d like to focus and study. 

“I go to Kunjanj to get matcha tea and study where it’s peaceful and quiet,” junior Theresa Majewski said. “The vibes are really good here and everyone is nice and they have wonderful coffee and drinks.”

Another great option for bookworms especially is Barnes And Noble. They have an indoor Starbucks and free Wi-Fi to connect to for laptops. They also let you read any books while being inside the store.

“Barnes and Noble is my favorite place to take math and reading notes,” junior Alana Harris said. “I’ll usually just get a drink from Starbucks, sit down and do some homework and study.”

Nectar Lab, Kunjani Craft Coffee and Barnes And Noble all encourage students to come in and enjoy themselves while learning at the same time. 

“I’ve actually been to all these study places,” junior Corrine Pankita said. “I will definitely be returning to all of them and they are perfect for doing school work.”