The Little Eagles Child Care Program endured many changes this school year because of COVID-19. Despite the changes, the children on campus are learning and adapting to the rules enforced by the Centers for Disease Control.  

“Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the students are now spaced differently,” Media Specialist Liddy Sexton said. “We use the ‘Blue Room’ for story time, and I display the book on the big screen so the Little Eagles are able to get a good look at the pictures without all of us being in close contact.”

The children still do many activities that were implemented last year, including reading in the library once a week. Even though changes have occurred, this has not stopped the children from advancing cognitively.

“They have adapted quite well,” Childcare Director Kathy Swingley said. “They are very good about wearing masks.”

Swingley expected the Little Eagles to modify fast to the new atmosphere. However, COVID-19 has had many effects on student teachers who are learning how to instruct children.

“With the mask, it is really challenging to deliver facial expressions and even a smile,” freshman Delainey Beams said. “When I teach, I find it hard to smile and for the kids to get my expressions and gestures across.” 

Masks are one of the more prominent effects of COVID-19, and not everyone is used to wearing them. The children being shown as an example helps properly sustain everyone’s safety.

“I have not seen the children having difficulty with the rules,” Sexton said.

The CDC and CCPS guidelines have made it easier for the children to handle the unexpected changes to schools and lifestyle following the uprising of the virus. 

“They are quite resilient,” Swingley said. “They function with the new rules as well, if not better than the high school students.”