Tofu is a food often found at the center of debate. Some argue it is a tasteless block with a discomforting texture, while others argue that it is a blank slate and great substitute for meat products.

Tofu itself is bland unbecoming food coming straight from the package, but because of its porous texture, it is easy to marinate and cook it to become a delicious flavorful food. Tofu can be used in any meal due to its versatility, ranging from sweet snacks to savory meals.

Tofu-Oatmeal Pancakes

These pancakes are a fun and healthy way to introduce more protein into breakfast, while keeping the sweet delicious taste of oat pancakes. These pancakes can even be made healthier by adding blended greens, such as spinach. With maple syrup and some fresh fruit, these pancakes are the perfect sweet and protein-filled breakfast.

“I would have never known they have tofu,” junior Taissah Marc said. “They just taste like oat pancakes, they’re really good.”


Buffalo Tofu Wings

These buffalo tofu wings pack a flavorful punch with a delightful crispy texture. These faux-wings are the perfect substitution for the real deal. They should be enjoyed with bleu cheese to make the experience even better. 

“It tastes just like buffalo strips, they’re crunchy and that sauce is perfect,” sophomore Susanna Dejcz said. “If you didn’t tell people it was tofu, they would never know.”



Broccoli Tofu Stir Fry 

This broccoli stir fry is a flavorful, healthy and easy dish to make. The combination of hot sauce and soy sauce allow for a kick of strong flavor without being too overpowering. This filling vegan option is full of protein from all the main ingredients, and using crispy tofu incorporates a new texture to make the dish more interesting.

“It’s good and different,” junior Mia Waleri said. “I usually prefer meat, but I would eat this [tofu] again.”