Summer is just around the corner and with only a couple weeks left of school, students are planning their summer activities. From sports to vacations, the summer months are the perfect time to fit in all kinds of plans. 

Although most places are limited due to COVID-19, most students are going on vacations while choosing to stay close to home.

“Over summer, I spend most of my time traveling with my friends and family or at the beach with my friends,” freshman Ellie Gevanthor said.

The pandemic has also caused others to abandon certain travel traditions. 

“I travel every year for a long time,” freshman Valentina Bel said. “This year I am not because of Covid.” 

Even though some students will choose to travel out of Florida, a large majority stay in state and participate in other activities. 

“Florida is a good spot to stay over summer because it’s always warm, so you can constantly be outside and active,” Gevanthor said.

If spending the summer in Florida, students do not necessarily have to stay local. Traveling to other cities within the state is a great option and can be accompanied with many exciting activities. 

“Some good activities to engage in while staying in Florida are going to some of the popular theme parks like Busch Gardens, Disney or Universal Studios,” Gevanthor said.

Orlando has many tourist spots including these theme parks, but relaxing by the beach in Naples is also a popular choice.

“While trying to stay more local, the beach is always a fun option, and there are plenty of shops nearby as well,” Gevanthor said.

Students who are not traveling often participate in sports and team-based activities. 

“Sports are always run over summer,” Bel said. “I am cheering.” 

Summer is awaited by students throughout the year, however, this year it is shortened, which is upsetting to hard working students.

“Summer break should be a bit longer considering the amount of time we spend in school,” Gevanthor said. “Students work so hard to only have a short vacation.”