Throughout history, pets have brought humans endless joy and fulfillment. Although many may be thinking of the common pet like a dog or cat, what the students of NHS have in mind is much different. These students have shown that their school is anything but ordinary, and their pets are no exception. 

Freshman Lea Schultheiss owns quite a large and lovable horse. 

“Her name is Luna,” Schultheiss said. “She’s a Dutch Warmblood.”

Schultheiss has been in the equestrian business for years now and has not gotten tired of the tedious caretaking process that her horse requires.

“I ride her about five to six times a week, which is just the basics,” Schultheiss said. “She also gets cleaned every day, gets a bath once a month and I clean her stall every weekend.”

The amount of dedication that it takes to care for a gentle giant like Luna is impressive, which is the reason why many students choose smaller pets. 

Freshman Michael Marcy is allergic to cats, guinea pigs and most other animals. The solution? His pet cockatiel, Kiwi. 

“I had always wanted one and my sister did, too.” Marcy said. “My favorite thing Kiwi does is sing and chirp.”

Birds are relatively easy to maintain, which worked out well for Marcy. His parents, however, were not on board in the beginning. 

“My parents thought that a bird would be too loud and noisy all the time,” Marcy said. “But Kiwi’s pretty quiet.” 

Although all pets come with their own responsibilities, freshman Darian Alvarez-Garcia might take the cake on the biggest among his many pets. 

“I have leopard geckos, dogs, a cat, cockatiels, chickens, pigeons and a turkey,” Alvarez-Garcia said. 

While it may seem like a handful caring for so many different kinds of animals, Alvarez-Garcia insists that it’s barely any trouble if you know how to do it correctly. 

“As long as you train the animal, there will be no issue,” Alvarez-Garcia said. 

The students may differ in their choices for a furry or scaly friend, but they all have one thing in common: their love for animals. 

“I believe all pets have some sort of effect on humans,” Marcy said. “Any type of pet brings more joy into someone’s life.”