Although many Naples High students excel in sports, injuries are inevitable. Many students in sports such as football, soccer and cheerleading suffer from injuries or pains when playing their sport.

“I’ve broken my finger and gotten a concussion from football,” senior Josiah Goberman said. “Injuries are no doubt a part of it, but I love playing football.”

No matter the sport, all Naples High athletes seem to have experienced some sort of pain or injury.

“I was doing my tumbling pass and my arms gave out and bent backwards so I had to go to physical therapy,” junior and varsity cheer captain Taylor Bennett said. “Nationals was two months away so I worked hard and got placed in sixth.”

A Naples High soccer player relates to the injuries and the love of his sport.

“My sophomore year playing soccer I busted my lip wide open in a hard collision with another player and I had to get thirteen stitches,” sophomore Adam Guzman said. “Getting injured is part of the sport but I love it.”

A majority of students deal with pain in some sort of way. However, according to most students, the love of the sport and the prospect of playing after high school keeps them hungry for success, and keeps them working toward their goals.