Flu season is in full swing all across the globe, and many people are getting their flu shots to stay healthy this year. Although, for busy farmers, it’s hard to remember what shot or vaccine is needed for animals periodically.

Horses can contract the flu just as easy as humans. All flu viruses are airborne, spreading horse to horse. However, some horses are only carriers of the virus, never showing any symptoms and appearing healthy.

Since the symptoms are not immediately obvious, getting your horses vaccinated as soon as possible is just as important as our own timely shots.

“I do think it’s important to get your horses vaccinated for flu,” said Michelle Grays the stable owner. “Because we have over 40 horses in the barn and i don’t want them all getting the virus.”

Horses with the virus remain infectious for up to seven to ten days, and their dry harsh-sounding cough may linger for several weeks.

The virus has a very short incubation period (time from infection to symptoms) of two to six days and clinical signs usually resolve in one to three weeks.

“I do believe the medicine is effective because none of my horses have gotten the flu after their vaccines each year,” said senior Avery Glass.