As the years go on, technology is advancing every day. It’s making it easier for people to stay in touch with other people around the world, and technology itself is becoming more accurate. Schools are now following this trend and becoming more digital-based instead of writing on the chalkboard.

“I like how we are becoming more digital,” sophomore Angelica Perez said. “The only thing I’m concerned about is you can’t always rely on the internet.” 

Students are now being introduced to more apps that they can access on their phones to upload assignments or look at grades. This can allow them to make up work at home more conveniently and ensures that students are always up-to-date on their latest assignments. 

In addition, report cards are now online instead of being paper-based. 

“I like having my report cards online,” junior Rachel Garcia said. “You are more likely to see it since it won’t get lost in your backpack or in the mail; it saves trees in the process by reducing the need for paper.”

Digital learning can bring a classroom to life with adequate features that benefit both the teachers and the students. These platforms work well with students to master content. They also prepare them with the technical knowledge and skills needed for future courses and careers.

“Having my phone is better for me,” senior Ben Korn said. “I focus more in class, and it helps me understand things more. For example, I can look up the material and find a Quizlet on it and study that. I also use my phone for both educational and personal purposes. I use it to focus on my work in class, and instead of getting distracted by people, I have my music to block them out.” 

Also, the environment will benefit from less paper for handouts and books that will no longer need to be made. Technology saves time with quick access to information and new research.

Overall, it provides an effective way to cut costs, maximize resources and leaves an important impact for students and educators alike.