Around Naples High School, student athletes are told by their coaches to drink a lot of water and cut down on soda. Many water bottles are thrown away in the trash every day at Naples High, and students are revealing their everyday habits.

There is no real way to find out how many bottles are thrown out each day, except if someone goes through each trash can. Though the number is not known, lots of plastic can be saved by using the water fountains and refilling our water bottles.

“I drink around three to four bottles of water a day, but I just go around and fill up my water from the water fountains to preserve plastic,” sophomore Anahi Nola said.

If every student drank three to four bottles of water a day without refilling, the school would be filled with empty water bottles.

“Refilling water bottles makes our environment clean and safe,” junior Mason Belville said. “If we refill water bottles, our environment would be a lot cleaner and safer.”

Sea life is a very important thing. Many of the water bottles go in the oceans: dolphins, whales, sharks, turtles, and other animals can choke on the water bottles. By refilling water bottles, many animals and plastic can be saved.

“I drink anywhere from two to eight bottles of water a day. I do not refill them because I don’t believe in it,” junior Aiden Lamarie said. “It’s bad to refill because the plastic ends up in the water from the bottle so why would I not just take the safe way out?”

“I drink four bottles of water a day and do not refill, there are probably around 1000 water bottles thrown away a day in trash cans, because the school water fountains are dirty and nasty,” junior Bella Musico said.

With help from students by refilling their water bottles, many plastic bottles will not end up wasting away and hurting the environment.