Now that the first semester is over, students are receiving their grades and figuring out how they did and what they should do to improve.

“I’m feeling hopeful for the new semester; a fresh start is nice, and the workload has been better,” sophomore Ashley Suarez said.

There is always room for teachers to improve students’ learning environment for the new semester. Here are some ways students said teachers could help improve their interest or grade in the class.

“They could become more involved with students and give less homework that is just busy work,” sophomore Chloe Kemen said.

“They could teach the material in a more engaging and interesting way,” junior Alyson Griffin said.

Students are working hard to either improve or maintain their grades. Some ways that students can improve is to focus more, to take more time for homework, and to stay engaged. Here are some ways other students think can help improve others with their work.

“Setting time aside and focusing more on school than friends,” Ashley Suarez stated.

The next 18 weeks will be a time for students to begin to focus and work their hardest to improve.