With 2020 being a rough year, and with the coronavirus still around, Naples High School has prioritized wearing masks. School officials have enforced rules and, inevitably, controversy has been created about masks and their effectiveness. 

Masks are to be worn at all times by faculty and students,” Assistant Principal Eric Maya said. “The only time masks are allowed to be off are when students/faculty are seated and eating.”

Due to the coronavirus, wearing a mask is one of the major rules at school, and while eating, students are to maintain social distancing. Teachers say that students have followed this rule well.

“I find that students have done a great job complying to that rule, and I really don’t have to even remind them,” English II Honors teacher Dawn Peterson said.

Students following this rule will help keep Naples High School open. As for the type of mask that is worn, it’s a more lenient rule.

“Any mask is fine unless there is a mask with some profanity, then it is not allowed,” junior Kyle Vargas said.

Students still need to keep their masks school appropriate, and it should be known that neck gaiters are not allowed by the district because they do not have two or more layers of cloth. 

Students and staff wear different masks every day, and wash them regularly or wear disposable masks. 

“I wash my mask every day after school and use a different one the next day,” sophomore Leo Caronchi said.

Changing and washing masks help to lower the chances of getting the virus during these times. Not only do people find the masks to be effective against COVID-19, but they also find it helpful to prevent other illnesses and germs such as the flu. 

I am sure the masks have been preventative for germs being spread for a variety of viruses students would have acquired by this time of the year,” Peterson said.

Several people have said that wearing a mask can be uncomfortable at times, but they have gotten used to it. 

“I do not find it difficult to wear my mask for seven hours a day because I get used to it,” Vargas said. “However, running with a mask is quite difficult, but other than that it is fine.”

While some students may have to run with their masks on, not all students have to, yet some still found it uncomfortable. 

“At first I thought that the masks were annoying, but after a couple of weeks I got used to the masks and I thought they were fine,” Caronchi said. 

Not only have people found it bothersome in the beginning, but some also have difficulties trying to breathe through them.

“I do find it difficult to wear a mask 7 hours a day,” Peterson said. “I have gotten used to it, but there are times when I catch myself wanting to breathe better and pull it down, and I remember I have to leave it up.”

While masks may be uncomfortable, they are what have been keeping everyone safe during this pandemic. 

“If I am responsible for protecting myself and those around me, then I will do what is necessary,” Maya said. “I don’t enjoy wearing the mask, but I will continue to do so until I am told otherwise.”