The Media Center is an area where students can go to study or complete their assignments. Besides using the library to work, students can engage in numerous activities such as puzzles, legos, reading, games and more.  

With the number of students coming in and out of the library, there are many opinions and suggestions that may be given to media specialists for the different activities. With these comments, they often create stations that peak the interest of high schoolers. 

“Ideas often come from the students and in what activities they express interest,” Media Specialist Liddy Sexton said. “When we see students excited about sticker art, for example, we know that’s an activity that we will continue to provide.”

Although legos aren’t as popular with the majority of students, many may still enjoy the “Create” Station. At this station, students use their imagination to build landscapes or cities with legos.  

“The ‘Create’ Station was intended as a lego table, which has been very popular,” Sexton said. “However, we also plan [to] utilize it for Ozobots, Marble runs, etc.”

Puzzling can create calmness after all the stress from classes, a reason why it is also a popular and favorite station for many. 

“My personal favorite station is the puzzle table,” Sexton said. “While puzzling requires concentration, it also provides the opportunity to socialize with friends. It’s very relaxing and quite satisfying to see a puzzle come to completion. I love that it’s a group effort.”

The library acts as a safe and relaxing ambiance for NHS students to explore their creative outlets through the various stations that are provided throughout the space. 

“The stations are here to create a welcoming environment,” Sexton said. “Of course, we encourage students to read and study in the Media Center, but we also want the space to offer a calming environment where students can create and unwind.”