As the new year begins, many people enjoy setting goals or resolutions to make positive changes in their everyday lives. With students facing different responsibilities than adults, their resolutions tend to center around academic goals or other related tasks. 

These resolutions can be as simple as making one’s bed everyday or acing all exams. As students get older, however, their resolutions start to include more serious and long-term goals. Learning how to drive, a major step into adulthood for most freshmen and sophomores, has been a popular resolution shared by many underclassmen. 

“My New Year’s resolution is to get my permit,” sophomore Emily Hernandez said. 

Many students are also looking forward to the opportunity of having a job. Working can not only build important responsibility skills at work, but it can also help students start saving, create new friendships and learn important life lessons.

“My New Year’s resolution is to get a job by the end of the year,” sophomore Emily Luna said.

Even though working is a goal sought by many, others are looking forward to de-stressing this new year by having a more balanced schedule. 

“I work too much, and it’s hard to deal with both school and work,” junior Izzy Clifford said.

Buying a car is another significant goal for those students who drive. When planning this purchase, students need to think about the amount of money they will need to spend on gas and insurance, especially considering that car insurance policies are more expensive for minors. 

“I want a car by the end of the year,” sophomore Reynaldo Santiago said. “I’m going to achieve this by working hard at my job and saving.” 

New Year’s resolutions are very important to some to guide them in a more successful direction in the coming year, while for others, they may be pointless. As long as people are determined and work hard, any resolution or goal is possible.