Many can agree that Christmas wouldn’t be nearly as special without traditions. Whether it’s baking cookies, watching festive movies or spending time with family and friends, traditions are what tend to get everyone into the holiday spirit.

“I always make Christmas cookies with my family,” senior Annalise Eisold said. “Getting a break off of school without any stress is also really nice.”

Getting a break from a busy school schedule just adds to the glee of the holidays. Not to mention, NHS students will be finishing their last midterm exam right before winter break.

“My family and I used to do a Christmas puzzle every year,” sophomore Chloe Quintero said. “But this year my friends and I are having a Secret Santa party.”

Christmas traditions can change. New traditions can be even more exciting and can allow people to enjoy Christmas even more.

“I’m going to the beach with my friends,” junior Fallon Jones said. “Maybe it will be our new tradition.”

Even though Naples, Fl. is mostly hot year-round, residents can still enjoy the holiday season. So if students are traveling, staying home, baking cookies or watching movies, have an exciting Christmas break.