The Naples High School boys’ varsity soccer team honored their eight seniors on the field after their home game on Dec. 11.

Jack Bole, Hayden Sarajian, Bryan Ortega, Nick Lamb, Aaron Dunn, Skylar Cirou, Sebastian Flores and Denilson Barrientos took the spotlight along with their families as they walked across Staver Field.  

“Over the past 4 years, the key to winning is playing with passion, and to play every game like if it was a championship game,” team captain Bryan Ortega said.

The boys varsity soccer team is ranked first in the Collier district.

“This season has proved that it takes more than a team team to win games, it takes a family to win championships,” senior Jack Bole said.

Their tight knit team mindset might just be one of the reasons the boys are doing so well this season.

“Having a good mentality before and after a game is an important factor to winning,” senior Denilson Barrientos stated.

The eight dedicated members have mixed feelings regarding the ending of this year’s season.

“It’s bitter-sweet, I’m definitely going to miss all my teammates, but I wish the best for all of them after the year ends,” senior Nick Lamb said.

The varsity boys continue to work their way to the championships, and are ranked twenty-fifth nationally.