Naples High school students currently have the option to either do online or return to in-person learning. The majority of students are back in school, while a vast amount of students are continuing to do online. 

Many students feel the need to voluntarily decide to return to campus to receive sufficient help with school work. Online learning has become rigorous for some students when it comes to focusing and understanding certain school concepts.

“Online feels more remote and isolated,” senior Emma Luck said. “Learning on campus provides you with more available learning such as teachers and students.”

Although various students feel the need to return, many believe working from home is better for them academically and mentally.

“Having the ability to be able to do work at your pace while turning in work on time is one of the best things that has happened this year for me,” senior Lauren Brutum said. “Getting up at any time you want has also really helped me for my senior year.”

As COVID-19 cases increase, many students believe that remaining in schools will only lead to the worst in the future. Florida schools have remained open since the beginning of the school year while cases remain in the thousands.

“Since schools were closed when there were barely any cases detected, why should schools continue to remain open if cases are increasing on the daily,” senior Simran Chatta said. 

As this is the last year for seniors, both ways of learning can benefit the class of 2021. All seniors have one main goal: to graduate.

“It does it matter if a student is online or on-campus,” senior Jehovsen Aubourg said. “For us seniors, the main priority right now is to be on track to receive a diploma in May.”