Applications, recommendations and testing have been on the agenda for most senior students at NHS. The class of 2024 has worked extremely hard to get where they are today and that comes with a lot of balancing schedules and dedication.

“You have to stay on top of your applications through Common App and essay writing in order to apply and get into the schools you want,” senior Nolan Hyer said. “It’s so easy to get behind, so you have to stay focused on your goals.” 

College essays show universities a personal view of who a student is and why they deserve to be accepted into their school. It is important for both the essay and application to show all achievements, and what makes a student special for the best chances of being accepted. Being unique and standing out is a key component in any resume in life, not just college. 

“I volunteered over [the] summer and participated in multiple activities to try and look like a versatile student,” senior Ellie Gevanthor said. “I also had help from my college counselor on what classes I should take and to answer questions I had.” 

At NHS, every student has access to a counselor whose job is to help them in their academic and school lives. Having the chance for free advice from a professional is not an opportunity that should be taken for granted. 

“This has been an eye-opening experience, and I had no idea the amount of determination and hard work it takes to apply to college and get in,” senior Brinnie Stevens said.