Ever since the coronavirus pandemic forced students to finish the school year online, students have not been able to go back to campus for months. Many students are wondering when and how they can retrieve belongings from their lockers, return textbooks, pay outstanding dues and many more end-of-year obligations. 

Naples High has set up a method where students can safely fulfill these obligations without putting themselves or others’ health at risk. Students received a message through Canvas from their counselors as to what day to come in and what to expect upon arrival.

“Face masks and practice of social distancing are required by students, parents and staff entering the gymnasium area,” NHS counselor Mrs. Fineis said. 

Each grade is to come in and complete these duties on separate days to minimize the amount of people on campus and in the gymnasium. Juniors go on June 1, sophomores go June 2 and freshman on June 3. 

All students and parents are to park in the lot on 22nd Avenue and enter through the gymnasium’s Eagle Hall of Fame doors. There will be restrooms open outside those doors.

For most students, this date will be the first and only time to step foot back on campus since March 7.

“I’m glad that we get to go in and return our books and clean out lockers in person. It will be nice to see the school one last time before summer,” freshman Chloe Holcomb said. “I’m planning on wearing a mask and trying to stay six feet apart from people.”

Naples High understands that people have concerns about the health and safety of the staff and students, but many precautions are being taken to put people at ease.

“I’m not too worried about my child entering the school to quickly drop things off since I know she’ll be wearing a mask and social distancing,” NHS parent Kara Laufer said. “I hope the school holds firm on social distancing when kids are in the buildings.”

Make sure to bring $90.00 if you plan on purchasing a yearbook and have a form of ID if you are picking up a pre-purchased yearbook. Also, bring money to pay outstanding obligations. You will not be able to get a parking permit with outstanding dues. 

Juniors and sophomores should check that they have filled out all paperwork that goes along with the parking forms and have their driver’s license with them. The forms are available on Canvas and should have been sent to you by your counselor. 

Also, double check that you have a mask on and be prepared for social distancing.

This will be the last chance for students to be on campus before NHS closes its doors for the summer!