COVID-19 has forced people all over the world to stay indoors and has limited them from exercising outside. Almost everyone has been impacted in some way due to the coronavirus. This pandemic has raised many questions and very few answers have been given. 

“I take walks for mental clarity,” senior Brady Gibson said. “It’s a good way to exercise and a good way to meet your neighbors while staying six feet away.” 

Governor DeSantis announced that May 4 would be the day that Florida State Parks would reopen access to trails. In Naples, there are many boardwalks that the public can use to get outside and enjoy nature, such as North Collier Regional Park and the Greenway.

“It’s fun to get out of my house and get some space from my family,” sophomore Angelica Perez said. “I tend to be exercising more, and I now run with my dog for more exercise.” 

North Collier Regional Park is a prime location for adults and children to gather and enjoy beautiful Southwest Florida. The park is free for all visitors. It is always a great place to workout and exercise. 

“I like seeing new people other than my family,” freshman Meghan Fitzgerald said. “The fresh air does everyone good, and looking at nature is a very relaxing thing to do while maintaining a safe distance from others.” 

North Collier Regional Park boardwalks are a good way to stay safe while being outside of your home. It’s free and anyone can wear masks if they feel the need to do so. This can be relaxing to many people and a way to get coronavirus out of their mind. 

“I’ve been exercising more since the coronavirus because I’ve been stuck at home all day,” junior Natalie Norqual said. “Going outside and exercising is a good way to stay in shape and still feel productive. Since I can’t go out, go to school, or go to work, going on walks makes me feel like I did something with my day.” 

The park allows people to remain a safe distance from others while still having fun outdoors. Being outside regularly drops your levels of the stress hormone cortisol, lowers your heart rate and elevates your mood. This decreases your body’s response to and level of stress and restores a more natural sleep pattern.

The North Collier Regional Park boardwalk on Livingston Road is open daily from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.