Seniors have missed the most important time of their high school career due to the coronavirus outbreak, which has caused many of the end-of-year activities to be canceled. They have been robbed of many events that they will never be able to make up, and many seniors are devastated.

However, people seem to be turning all of it around by spreading their generosity and kindness towards the seniors.

“My mom put up a few signs in our front yard about me being a senior a few weeks ago,” senior Dylan Murphy said. “Last week, I was surprised by my neighbors when they gave me all sorts of gifts and congratulated me. It really made me feel better about all that is going on.”

Taylor Bennett also surprised a few seniors. As a senior herself, she knew what they were going through and decided to help.

“I couldn’t help myself,” Bennett said. “We missed out on prom, the walk and many other events. I couldn’t just stand there and let it happen. Seeing the smiles on all of their faces really made it worth it.”

In addition to giving gifts to seniors, some believe that it isn’t enough. One example is Christian Capito, mother of senior John Davies.

“My son is a senior this year, and you can really tell how upset he is about everything being canceled,” Capito said. “I decided to throw a party after the virus calms down where all of his friends and family can come and celebrate him. You can see how excited he is about it.”

Davies is upset that he isn’t able to celebrate his graduation the traditional way, but he is incredibly thankful that he gets to celebrate one way or another.

“This year is definitely not what I was expecting,” Davies said. “Even if that’s the case, what happened is what happened. I’m just excited to move on and look forward to what the rest of my life has in store for me.”