Naples High has lots of opportunities for students to take college-level classes during their time at high school. One of these options, dual enrollment, can be the most beneficial to a student’s future, whether it’s preparing them for how college courses will be or saving them money.

“I am able to further my career by taking the prerequisites I need, so when I graduate high school, I can start on my career getting the titles I need,” junior Sophia Cardeso said.

Dual enrollment differs from AP and AICE‌ classes. For starters, in order to get college credit in AP and AICE classes, students have to pass the final test at the end of the year. However, in dual enrollment, as long as you get a C or higher, you pass the class.

“We definitely get more time on assignments and fewer assignments,” Cardeso said. “That’s what I really like about it.”

One of the biggest reasons students take dual enrollment classes is because of how much money it saves. Taking dual enrollment allows students to complete college courses without having to worry about passing a test at the end.

The free time it gives me because I get to choose my schedule,” junior Gabriella Gutierrez said. “I’ll have a couple of hours until my next class, so I am able to finish all my assignments.”

Flexibility is another reason students prefer dual enrollment. Students can choose what time their classes are, and they can even choose to take an online class and never step foot in a classroom.

“I’ve written one essay, and he gave us five weeks to do it with revision help and peer review,” Cardeso said. “I also get assistance from the teacher and it’s not super hard to do.”

Even though taking college-level classes can be hard, dual enrollment makes it easy with tutors ready to help you and easy flexibility. Even though students have to sacrifice classes at their home high school, it’s well worth it for the outcome. 

“Teachers are very lenient, so don’t stress about it,” Gutierrez said. “Also, use your time wisely, space everything out. It’s not supposed to be stressful. If it’s stressful, you’re doing it wrong.”