Many students have been preparing for this Saturday’s SAT test for weeks. Many have been trying to relearn content that may have been forgotten over the years, but need to know in order to get desirable results.

Taking the SAT and ACT can be both stressful and challenging if the test taker is not properly prepared. For Seniors, this time of year is especially crucial. Many college applications are due in the next few months. Students need to take the test, get the results they hoped for, and include it in a college application in time.

There are a variety of methods to prep for the test, one of which includes going to study centers. Organizations such as Quest and Bailey Test Prep are willing to give students tips on how to take the test.

Even though Quest is a great resource for test prep, it is only available to students who are enrolled with Quest.

In Collier County, Bailey Test Prep is the main in-person test prep organization that is open to the public. Bailey provides great testing strategies, content review, and tips on what to do from hours to days before the test.

There are some general tips that will make sure the test taker’s mind and body are fully prepared to sit down and take the test. Some general pre-test preparation tips are to:

  • Do not study the night before the test because it is bad for the brain to cram information before a stressful test.
  • Eat a good dinner the night before the test.
  • Stay in and relax the night before the test to let the body relax.
  • Get to bed in time to ensure a good night’s sleep.
  • Wake up early enough to allow your body to fully awaken.
  • Eat a good breakfast before the test.
    • Come prepared with: Pencils, calculator, test ticket, photo ID, bottle of water (optional), healthy snack such as a granola bar (optional)

The SAT and ACT tests alternate each month, and can be taken every month except July. Upcoming dates for the ACT are:

  • October 11th- registration already due
  • December 9th- registration due by November 3rd
  • February 10th- registration due January 12th

Upcoming dates for the SAT are:

  • October 7th- registration already due
  • November 4th- late registration due October 25th
  • December 2nd- registration due November 2nd

In order to attend college, one or both tests must be taken. It is suggested to retake the test a few times to guarantee the best possible outcome. Make sure to follow these simple guidelines for the best chances on the test. Get enough test prep and a good night sleep to ace the test.