It was an exciting day for Mrs.Swingley, Mrs.Schuster, the high school students, and the incoming children for the first day of school at The Little Eagles Preschool.

Mrs. Swingley and Mrs. Schuster, the administrators of the Little Eagles Preschool, teach high schoolers how to be role models for the children.

Many students who want to become nurses, doctors, or teachers take this class to give them practice with patience. If they manage to get a diploma from this class, it gives them the opportunity to expand their resumes.

“The Little Eagles Preschool is going to be fun this year, we get to teach kids words they can read and write,” Little Eagles student instructor Honey Borrego said. “We are also going to teach them how to properly behave in a kindergarten class.”

The Little Eagles Preschool has been around for over fifty years, and Mrs.Schuster has been a part of the program for the past seven of her total seventeen years teaching.

“We are very up to date with what children need to learn,” Mrs. Schuster shared. “We are a creative preschool, and we are a good stepping stone for the children going into kindergarten.”