Seniors from the Naples High School band were recognized at the Coconut Bowl football game at Naples High School Oct. 6.  The Class of 2018 walked down the field with their escorts and shared their plans after high school.

“I would love to join marching band in college, but I have to keep in mind that I have to put my academic work first,” senior drum major Amy Sizemore said. “But if I am able to, I’d definitely love to join band again in college.”

Many of the seniors have participated in band since they were freshmen. Throughout the years, there have been plenty of memories made along the way.

“My best memories in band have to be probably the bus rides to competitions or to away games,” flute section leader Ruby Lopez said. “It’s a fun time to bond with people on the bus and just make nice memories.”

The seniors have made many friends along the way, and are going to miss a lot of things about the band.

“What I’m going to miss most about band is all the fun unique people I’ve met in the past four years and all the memories that we made going to trips,” clarinet section leader Angelica Ortiz said.

There are many things that inspired the seniors to join marching band. A lot have to do with their love of playing.

“Well, what really inspired me to join marching band was my 8th grade band night,” saxophone player Dimas Herrera said. “When I was in 8th grade, I really liked the environment that the upper classmen had.”

Even after graduating, the seniors are going to miss the people that gave them a reason to stay in marching band.

“Honestly, I’m going to miss Mr. Grieb, all right,” saxophone player Andrew Martinez, mostly known as Casper, said. “Every time I go into his class, he’s always smiling and that just makes my day so much better.”

Friday, Oct. 6 was the last Coconut Bowl for all our marching band seniors. The seniors would like to send thanks to their band director, Brian T. Grieb, for the past four years they have spent together.