Volleyball is a very competitive sport and takes a lot of training and practice, so Naples High School has already taken steps to prepare since the beginning of March. Off-season training helps them prepare for tryouts and coach expectations. 

There is summer and after school for those who want to train before tryouts; it’s not mandatory, but it helps with self development.

“Yes, I am going to do the summer program but not the after school training,” freshman Lauren Beaber said. 

In the weight room, there are a series of workouts to do that can help with strengthening muscles for jumping, hitting the ball and preventing injuries. 

“Off season training is imperative for developing strength and conditioning needed to help prevent injuries,” volleyball coach Jon Ricketts said. 

There are a variety of exercises to work on to make progress in the weight room or in the game.

“Athletes need to focus on total body strength and conditioning, not just one or few areas, to help minimize any injuries that could prevent [them] from being able to compete,” Ricketts said.

After weight training is volleyball training. These sessions take a lot of skill, so trying to fix and work on mistakes can help.

“For volleyball, I try to focus on my mistakes and what I could potentially do to fix them,” Beaber said.

It is difficult to do weight training and open gym after school, especially after having to wake up at 6 a.m. and then focus on school for eight hours. 

“I try to focus on staying motivated to get through the workout,” freshman Sarah Ramos said. 

Despite the challenges, open gym and weight training are very important for the team to be successful. It gets players ready for skills that have been lost from last season and helps with getting to know other players.

“I like that training is before tryouts,” Beaber said. “It gives me time to get better or get back into the swing of things.”